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🎬 "Old Cinema", the story of poster designer Renato Fróes, his memories and his relationship with the movies.

📍 Finalist at the XI National Video Festival – Image in 5 Minutes, in 2007.

Extras I

🎬 Walter da Silveira or “The streetcar passed through here”

🎬 Glauber Rocha or Cinema every day

🎬 Cinema Olympia and Carnival of Jandaia

Extras II

🎬 Babel of posters

🎬 Last minute posters

🎬 Towel of longing

Teaser 2

🎬 Second launch teaser for the Centenário Renato Fróes exhibition

Teaser 1

🎬 First launch teaser for the Centenário Renato Fróes exhibition

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